Ascot Vale - Curtain Wall

A stunning upgrade with our triple glazed timber curtain wall in delightful Blackwood inside and highly durable Spotted Gum. Integrated Lift & Slide door, Tilt & Turn window and clear corner.
Ascot Vale - Edwardian Entrance

An upgrade with our triple glazed 68mm thick entrance door and flyscreen, and 'historical' style tilt & turn windows. Optimal acoustic and thermal performance for year round comfort.
Black Rock - Atrium Curtain Wall

A stunning upgrade with our triple glazed timber curtain wall and roof window system, in structural Spotted Gum, and integrated glazed door and flyscreen door.
Blairgowrie - Passive House

ETW+D features: integrated external blinds, Accoya timber cladding in the courtyard, Tilt & Turn Windows, Lift & Slide doors, and a bespoke front door with rough-hewn, hand-stained Accoya and Nordic Redwood. Architect: tUG Workshop
Canberra - Passive House

A Passive House new build in Canberra, with our triple glazed timber windows, grand entrance door and massive Lift & Slide doors; made from Accoya externally + Nordic Redwood internally, in black to complement greying Spotted Gum cladding.
Carlton - Curtain Wall

ETW+D’s products achieved seamless contemporary, double-height glazing, for comfortable open plan living with an abundance of natural lighting. Minimal energy is used to heat and cool this space. Architect: Edmond & Corrigan
Gardenvale - Passive House

An inspirational Passive House project, featuring ETW+D's massive banks of triple glazed Lift & Slide doors, Tilt & Turn windows with integrated external blinds. Absolutely minimal energy to heat and cool this highly glazed space. Architect: tUG workshop
Kangaroo Ground - L & S Doors

These are exemplar corner and centre joining Lift & Slide doors as ‘sliding walls’. Constructed externally in durable Accoya and internally, classic Nordic Redwood. All triple glazed with low SHGC glass to avoid glare and reduce heat gain ETW+D is proud to contribute to this extension of a legacy of the original Architect, Alistair Knox.
Kensington - Hemp House

An exemplary project, built using hemp and lime rendering, featuring ETW+D's massive triple glazed French doors, Lift & Slide doors, motorised Clerestory windows and Tilt & Turn windows with integrated external blinds. Minimal energy to heat and cool this wonderfully bright home. Architect: Barbara Weimar Architects
Northcote - Passive House

A contemporary extension and Passive House upgrade of a Victorian era home in Northcote, with our triple glazed windows, doors and lift & slide windows. Architect: AOA Christopher Peck
Parkville - Passive House

A contemporary West facing addition to a Heritage listed home in Parkville, featuring our triple glazed Tilt & Turn windows with integrated blinds, and Lift & Slide doors, in Accoya and European Redwood. Architect: Col Bandy Architects
West Melbourne - Passive House

A stunning Passive House upgrade of an inner city Warehouse, with our triple glazed timber roof window (South facing) in Spotted Gum. Integrated blinds (East & West facing) to Lift & Slide doors and Tilt & Turn windows, with solid and glazed doors, to complete the picture. Daylight all round.
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