We wanted to install new windows to reduce heat loss in the front rooms of our Californian bungalow.  My major concern, after thermal properties, was the look of the windows - would it fit the style of the house?  I needn't have worried as the triple glazed windows from European Timber Windows & Doors look amazing.  They have also reduced temperature loss in the rooms significantly, and an added bonus was the reduction in noise - the garbage trucks no longer wake up my 4 year old!"

Kate & Paddy, Northcote

European Timber Windows authenticately reproduced this client's historical windows, mouldings and glazing bars.


What we had - Windows better described as sieves. Each winter cold air freely poorer into each room while hot air raced out. In the Summer the reverse would happen. If there was wind they would rattle all night long. There was a constant and unstoppable draught. Then there was the noise, we live near a main road but it always sounded like we lived on the main road, windows open or closed the noise never went away.
What we have now - Triple glazed tilt and turn works or art. We are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, there is no draught and best of all there is no noise. We spend way to much time looking at them when we should be looking through them. On top of the incredible craftsmanship, the quality of the installation was first class. James and his team did an amazing seamless job, they look as if they were always there. We simply couldn’t be more happy, thank you Peter and James.
Scott & Margaret, Brunswick

European Timber Window tilt and turns are an exemplar product.


Peter and James replaced my sad and mean front door (the best a hardware store has to offer) that was insecure and providing only minimal weather insulation with a custom-made beautifully crafted entrance to my home. On a critical item such as a door they stayed as long as it takes to get it installed and the house secure. It's a pleasure every time I arrive home to have my lovely new front door to meet me.

Jan, Middle Park

European Timber Windows manufactured a Victorian-styled timber door with the full high-performing benefits.


Our house is close to a major road with truck traffic. Prior to the installation of the windows the noise of the trucks would wake us at 5am. The sound installation achieved is extraordinary, aside from a good night’s sleep the entire ambiance of the rooms has changed without the intrusion of traffic noise—it is remarkably peaceful.

The venting position of the windows is ingenious and airs the room well.

When the windows are closed the difference during hot summers is several degrees.

The window design is picturesque—it beautifully frames the view.

Anne, North Melbourne

European Timber Windows products solve acoustic problems.